Digital Photography

I dinished my art project.  I found it fairly easy and fun to work with digital photography and editing programs.  This has been a great project and something I will continue to use.


Digital cameras and the Paint program!

I just got a digital camera and did not really know how to use it.  Taking pictures, uploading them to my computer and editing them in the Paint program is a new form of technology to me.  This will be my art project.

Australia trip financial analysis

I was able to use google docs to complete my financial analysis.  I do not usually use spreadsheets to budget, but did find this really helpful.  I will definitely be using this in the future to complete other goals I have for myself.


One of my best friends lives in Australia and has been trying to get me to come visit for years.  I have always wanted to make the trip, but have not budgeted for it.  My financial analysis project is my trip to Australia.

Blackberry Pearl Email Setup

I was originally going to do my teach project on broadcasting a podcast, but changed my mind half way through the project.  It was not that I did not want to do that, but I just got a new blackberry pearl, and needed to learn how to use it.  It was quite different than the other blackberry’s I have used, so it has taken a few days to figure it out.

My teach project has turned into setting up an email address on a blackberry.

Teach project

The big thing on the internet these days are podcasts.  I know nothing about them at this point, but find them fascinating.  This is what I have decided to do for my teach project, learn and teach how to broadcast a podcast.

Final culture project

I was able to finish my culture project on Dr Susan Kare.  I submitted my writing to the writing lab and they gave me some great feedback that I was able to apply.  I added some final pictures and took advice of classmates as well. Overall, the project was a lot of fun to do, but a little stressful.  I was not sure that my writing would be up to par and worried that in the end, my project would be spectacular.  I had to throw the idea out the window that it would be perfect, but in the end I survived.